Frequently Asked Questions


Bill Oddie OBE

It seems that every week I receive emails asking if I will help endangered species. Everything from whales to gorillas, from gibbons to elephants. There is no judgement involved. No deciding ‘which is most important?’ or indeed which is closest to extinction.

Call it conservation, protection or law enforcement combatting wildlife crime such as poaching, hunting and trade in the skins, bones,and blood of wild animals. Worldwide trade in wildlife is as widespread as drug trafficking. It seems a never-ending battle, but there are some glimmers of hope, especially when someone comes up with a new deterrent.

Rhinos’ Last Stand involves the unique colouring of rhino horns with a pink dye. It does the animal no harm, but it instantly renders animal trophies as valueless to the collectors that are plundering them. This solution sounds almost like the title of a children’s book. “The Rhino with the pink horn”. We hope it will have a happy ending. This may well be the Rhinos’ Last Stand but only in the sense  of ‘NO MORE’.