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About SeekerDNA Limited

SeekerDNA Limited is a UK based company that has developed a high tech range of solutions aimed at asset protection, anti-counterfeiting, security printing and personal security. These solutions include the utilisation of unique forensic DNA codes, Nano particle technology and other covert Taggants.

Whether infused in to a Rhino’s horn, applied to resources, assets, products or goods, added as a covert marker to fuel or printed invisibly on to labels, packaging or documents, SeekerDNA products provide a unique, irrefutable forensic identification mark that validates, authenticates or confirms proof of ownership.

Intended to deter the attacker or thief and also aid the tracing of assets and identification of criminals, SeekerDNA security markers, including I.R markers and UV fluorescents, can also be applied so that they are transferred on to the hands, body and clothing of an intruder.

This is done either by using a range of carriers such as grease or gel, or by the installation of SeekerDNA’s specialist Intruder deterrent called MistGuard.

When MistGuard is activated, an ultra-fine mist is released, chemically invisibly marking not only the intruder but also your property with both a DNA code that is unique to your activity location and an invisible UV marker that will glow under UV light. Anyone handling the asset or objects, or entering an area, will be marked!


Current Primary security applications - These include but are not limited to:

  •  Wildlife Poaching deterrent

  • Intruder deterrent, marking and detection - Mining Industry applications both above and below ground

  • Asset tracking and personnel protection

  • Fuel marking/theft

  • Security printing

  • Anti-Counterfeit & brand protection - product identification

  • Artworks and other high value assets

  • Metal and cable theft

  • Inventory and parts theft

  • Computer Inventory

SeekerDNA and MistGuard products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. SeekerDNA Ltd is located in the UK and is represented in South Africa by SeekerDNA SA (Pty) Ltd.